Someone copied my business logo


hi all, i am a fiverr member for more then a year now, and i had this fantastic logo (own idea) and let a fiverr member make it gold

now the strange thing is i accidently saw someone else who could make logo’s gold looking and i saw my logo as a part of someone else his logo (i saw it in a person’s portfolio), i don’t know how he got, i just think the changes are too small he thought of it himself

i emailed them since yesterday but no response.

does anyone have an idea?

its a starting company and i already used the logo for several things which had cost me money so i am not changing it

and I kept the logo very private so that’s also strange

thanks all


Sadly it is easy to remake logos. But odd for someone to have it. I hope you can figure out how to have them remove it. Sorry you are going through these issues.


You can contact to fiverr support under copy right support department. Provide them proper proof that you are the sole owner of you logo. They will definitely take action.

P.S. Before support try to contact user and ask him to remove logo, hopefully he will delete it.