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Someone copied my gig description and used it on his profile and gig description


So, I just browsed around gigs in the travel subcategory trying to find an inspiration for my travel gig. And I found this guy who just joined Fiverr 2 days ago offering a gig that’s the same like mine, that thing I don’t mind, but he copied my Gig description. Not all of it, but it’s clearly my gig description. My gig desc. isn’t that great (I know this. :smiley: ), why would someone steal a gig desc.? I mean 'c’mon, it’s a gig desc., How hard is it to make your own?


Well, there’s THIS, if you feel like filing a report:

But I think the answer to your question is, very hard, for someone whose English is poor. It’s still no excuse for stealing, IMO. Stealing gig descriptions and photos is actually quite common. And for the vast majority of those who posted about it in the forums, imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery! The strange thing is that often the copycat also copies biographical date, and one time on the forums someone was whining about not getting any sales, and as people started looking at her gigs so they could offer good advice, they realized that ALL her gigs were stolen, and all had different bios mentioned in the descriptions (“well-established UK model”, “PhD candidate”, “living in Switzerland”, “from the US”, “15 years professional writing experience”, and so on). Even the profile picture was stolen (can’t recall who it was, offhand, but she wasn’t a UK model living in Switzerland working on a PhD). Sympathy for her lack of sales dried up fast.

I think you have a very cheerful attitude about it! Good for you~



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I have had my Horary Gig stolen before, word for word, from the Gig description to the text explaining what I would do. It’s annoying, but any fly by night newbie who sees a Gig that is doing well, will try to steal it. Thing is, with my Gig if they do not know how to read an Horary chart and make predictions, they will be in a heap of hurt trying to deliver the finished product!

I wrote to customer service and included the link to the offending Gig and they removed it within 24 hours! LOL



Reply to @celticmoon: Well, Thanks. :slight_smile: I wasn’t actually happy about It and even thinking about reporting it. But I thought it was common on Fiverr and I thought I was just overreacting, that’s why I posted this gig to see how people would respond. My gig that he copied might seem like an easy one (I myself thought it’d be an easy gig when I created it) but It isn’t, buyers who order this gig can be really demanding and this copycat guy might have a hard time with it. I’m just afraid that somehow it’ll affect my gig as the original one (or probably not).


Reply to @genuineguidance: That’s exactly what I was thinking. I mean I’m not trying to be arrogant but my gig that this guy stole isn’t actually an easy one, it might look like it is, but it isn’t. Even I have a hard time sometimes trying to deliver a very good work under this gig. I thought it’d be easy when I just created it, but so far Im doing good.

I think I’m gonna report it then.