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Someone copied my gigs

hello there, most of my gigs are videos I filmed myself of billboards, and I replace the billboard with the image or logo or video of the buyer, any content they send me. I just found out that someone who previously ordered 2 of my gigs is now using the same exact video and offering the same exact service, basically he copied my gigs and reselling them, this is extremely upsetting because it took a really long time and patience to film those videos and then select the right one etc… I would not mind if they copied the idea and used their own video to do so, but he pretty much duplicated my gig and using my videos filmed by me, this is extremely unfair. I just wrote to customer service, but I wanted to know if this has happened to anyone and did they take the copied gigs out? thank you


People stealing here quite often.
Do you offer copyrights as an extra with your gig? Did he purchase it?

If you don’t offer copyrights as an extra then when person bought your gig they technically got all copyrights for it, so I’m not sure how CS will go about this because it’s not really stealing if he paid for your services


I guess you are right, I did film both of the videos myself but I do not offer copyright.They even copied and pasted the exact same text in the gig’s description, unbelievable. I was thinking of buying the gig just to leave a bad review and saying he stole it lol

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It’s better to just report to fiverr cs and leave it at that, if you proceed to buy their gig just to leave a bad review, and fiverr finds out, you might get boot of the platform.


Totally agree. Once it has been reported I’m sure CS will take action. It’ll make bad impression on buyers if they bought the fake gig and didn’t get what they want. If he copied the text which you have written in your gig then doesn’t it count as plagiarism? Yes or no, still it should be brought up to CS.

He didn’t just copy it, he bought his gig and @antonio26900 apparently also sent him source files. And as Antonio doesn’t offer copyrights separately then all copyrights also transferred to another seller after the order completion.

Is it ethical? Of course not. But I’m not sure how CS will view this situation if Antonio already mentioned to them that that guy bought his gig.


he completely copied and pasted each single word of the description, the gig extras, everything, both gigs he copied are identical. However I haven’t sent the source files, he re-tracked the image to the billboards but the gigs are absolutely identical to the pixel AND to the letter in each description, extras, and EVEN the basic, standard and premium version’s descriptions are exactly the same, it’s like a big copy and paste of the entire gig, a total clone! I agree maybe “legally” he is not doing anything wrong, but he is certainly doing it wrong ethically, I could accept that he stole the idea, but not redo the gig and reselling it with my videos…

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Ah, so then you can report his gig for the copied description for sure and it’s going to be better and faster not through CS but with a report button on his gig


Would you update here about whatever happens next. I really hope that the fake gig gets removed.

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for sure, I’ll let you guys know if it gets resolved! thanks for the advice. One time I actually saw someone who recreated one of my gigs completely, it was exactly the same concept and the exact same commercial but they had redone it, so they only copied the concept, it was very badly done so I didn’t pay much attention to it, and then I could not see it anymore, but this time it’s different as they are using the same videos too, they pretty much cloned the gigs

It’s quite common, alas. As a heads-up, you might not just find your gigs copied but even your whole profile, “identity”, and published on whatever other platform too.
The best is to report it (save a “report template” in your preferred offline text processor perhaps) and then move on, people’s results with reporting differ, and if you want to constantly monitor this and find the new (or returning banned) people who do this here and elsewhere, you might lose a lot of time that’s better spent elsewhere.


Not to take away from how much this must suck for you and how unfair it is, but… maybe this is a wake up call for you to start offering something that cannot be stolen just by using broadly available tech?

Film new shots, more complicated takes that need your expertise to track properly.

Color correct, add some nice overlay effects so that even if someone tracks your shot they can’t just slap a logo on it, it will look out of place.

Protect your work, and start offering something of higher value at the same time.


yes this is true, in fact I after this I made a search to see other gigs were copied and I found someone else who copied one of my gigs but he only used half the video as the other half was too difficult to track. I got back from customer service but they want me to fill an incredibly long form with a lot of proof of copyright trademarks and registration… I’m afraid at this point I won’t be able to do much but I will ask the guys to take out the gigs.

just to update you guys… fiver customer support had sent me a huge form to fill where I would have had to provide a million proof of copyright, copyright trademark, proof of copyright registration etc etc… so I have politely asked both people to remove my copied gigs and they have now both removed them. From now on when creating a new gig I will definitely make sure it’s extremely difficult to copy. Thank you all for the support


You need to be clear in your gig that it is not for resale. Otherwise, if the person purchased these from you, he didn’t steal them.

The person purchased it, Which makes this resale. Resale isn’t theft unless both parties know the purchase doesn’t include a resale license.

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so for future reference all I need to do is to write it’s not for resale?

In your gig, yes! I would elaborate a bit just in case some people don’t understand.

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It’s good to know. I also learned many things by following this post so thanks for sharing. All the best.