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Someone copy my gig

Hi everyone

Someone copy my gig :((

plese help me what im doing now

this is my gig

and this is copy gig

I report to CS, but no answer

What do you mean copy? Did he take your pictures? Or did he copy your gig’s headline? I’m not expert on Fiverr rules, but if your gig was called “I will write a book review for $5” and another guy does the same, you don’t have much of a case. The truth is many people imitate each other, specially when you see a guy that’s getting a ton of orders.

Of course, I like to be original, I think it helps with the search results. Sorry bud, nobody here has a monopoly. Just be happy they can’t copy your positive reviews and experience, that also counts towards sales.

Report them to CS?

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thank you

this is my gig

and this is copy gig

I report to CS, but no answer

Reply to @alexandriaz: Eventually cs will get to it, they usually take a couple of days. You’ll want to remove the link to the sellers gig though.

Reply to @alexandriaz: How he was able to copy your video is beyond me, however, I see he has no reviews, so either wait for CS to delete him or change your video to something else. Maybe Fiverr with US flag colors or something like that. Best of luck.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thanks fastcopywriter

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Did you even check out the links he/she added to this thread before asking this question?

Reply to @rebelnation: No, I forgot to click on them.

I mentioned this somewhere on here but there are lots of gigs I came across while searching for one of mine that had the same video. Apparently this is starting to become too common.