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Someone download your ebook and tell he don'y need it anymore?


I had few buyers buying my E-boook and then they say, they don’t need it and they will leave a poor rating… How to deal with these cheaters. they cheat the system.


eBooks have a high return rate. Refund. It’s a big problem on KDP, so it’s naturally a big problem here. The difference between the 'zon and Fiverr is that the refund process is all automated, where here you have to deal with these tedious losers. Just refund.

Although you could take it to Customer Support. I have a feeling they will tell you to “work it out” first. Not sure how you can do that with an eBook. Maybe offer a shedload of other eBooks to appease their tiny minds?


Then… The buyer leaved a Poor review because he had to pay for it… and Fiverr telling they can’t remove the bad review.


Well that’s their right, just because you made an eBook doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is going to enjoy it or find it helpful/useful, even top selling authors get negative feedback, that’s the price you pay when you write anything, everyone has their opinion and is entitled to it, whether you like it or not!


Could you send them like a version that has a sampler of the book (just a few pages), and only then - once they are happy with receiving the full book – you attach the full version. If they don’t want the book, they have a chance to say no upon receiving the ‘teaser’.

If they request the entire book after seeing the teaser, you could use that as ‘consent’ to wanting the book and committing to the full purchase?

Dunno, just an idea…


Could you sell them the book as a temporary loan with a faint watermark on each page, with the understanding they are paying for the use of the book? So if they use it for a day or a week that is what they paid for whether they keep it or not?


Feed back isn’t the problem. They get the refund too…I catch a guy who used my ebook and build an online store.


Ya, but, they will ask fro a refund after they download the full copy.


I think or is a better source for selling e-books.

Your buyer will share it in the with the world for free.
Years ago, I sold an e-book via and it went ok.
Later I found out via one of the illegal download sources that it was downloaded more than 28.000 times at one place.
It was $10,-, so in a very abstract way I had missed $280.000,- because of the piracy. But, however, those who download it on the ‘black market’ for free wouldn’t have payed for it in the first place.
I took revenge by downloading a copy of Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’, but I don’t tell anyone, lol.


Say in the gig description that you never give refunds on ebooks for obvious reasons. You are not a lending library.


But there’s still no protection for it feedback wise. I was considering putting up a book until this post hmmm


But, Not everyone the same. I had only 2 guys do this to me. and both from one Asian country.


What did you mean from this?


I am sorry this happened to you, I think you have been given enough suggestions, the sad thing about your story is these people actually got the book and don’t even want to pay for it even though they most likely put it for download in these download for free websites. I am sure you will upset some people saying these guys were from Asia, but you know bad people exist everywhere, and I know you didn’t mean bad about saying they were from Asia, it is a fact but people will misunderstand you and already did. Anyways I wish you all the best and just be careful next time.


It is unsteady ground on the internet full stop. You either have to refund or take the hit with bad reviews. There will always be scammers out there.