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Someone explain it to me

I spend all my time on Fiverr. I have published seven Gigs on Fiverr. I send buyer requests every day according to the rules of Fiverr. My gigs have impressions but the amount of clicks is very low. I share my gigs on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and various social media according to the rules of Fiverr, yet I can’t improve on Fiverr. I haven’t received any orders yet. I would like to know from the Fiverr authorities how new sellers in Fiverr can improve, how to bring an order. Those of you who know, please tell me the details. I shared the link of my Fiverr Profile Link. Please someone tell me exactly where my problem is?


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Bro may be you can make a video talking about your skill and about you and upload that could be helpful to get orders. I too struggling to find orders done only one since last one year may be price is one another fact having 2k impression and 70 clicks in just one month but no orders. Done even paid marketing on youtube and fb so i must reduce the cost

List your credentials in your profile description. Tell customers what makes you an expert in your field, your experience, and success stories from people who have worked with you before.

The images on your gig are a little low-quality. Consider changing them to something less glaring and more professional.

Make sure your gig descriptions have flawless grammar and spelling. For example, there are a lot of words beginning with capital letters in your gig description that shouldn’t be. Here’s an example:

Your gig says:

I am a full time proactive highly motivated social media marketer . I am here to provide you to collect B2B Leads, Linkedin Leads, Email Lists, Prospect List. I am an expert at finding the targeted leads and email listings.

Customer satisfaction is my Priority

I will provide you:

  • Company details like (Name, Website, Valid Email, Size, Phone, Location, Linkedin Profile, etc.)

  • Contact details like (First Name, Last Name, Position, Valid email, Twitter URL, Facebook URL, Linkedin Profile, etc.)

Note: If you have Project, Please contact me in massage before place an order

I would change this to:

"I am a full time, proactive, highly motivated social media marketer. I am here to collect B2B leads, Linkedin leads, Email lists, and prospect lists. I am an expert at finding the targeted leads and email listings. (Put how you do this here and what makes you an expert.)

Customer satisfaction is my priority. (“priority” doesn’t need to be capitalised).

I will provide:

  • Company details (name, website, valid email, size, phone number, location, Linkedin profile, etc.)

  • Contact details (first name, last name, position, valid email, Twitter URL, Facebook URL, Linkedin profile, etc.)

  • Note: if you have a project, please contact me via direct message (NOT massage!) before placing an order. (NOT “massage”!)

There are a few gigs which are almost identical to yours, such as this one, and they’re your main competition. Try to offer something that other people don’t. Good luck!

Thank you So much. It’s really helpful