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Someone Hacked My Account and Stole My Money

Someone hacked my account and stole my money!
I just contacted support.
They changed my paypal account somehow and it was withdrawn.
Fiverr, what’s up with this terrible security??
Can someone help?


to have a payment withdrawn to paypal they needed to hack your Fiverr account and your email address used so that they could “verify” the withdrawal. So it wasn’t just fiverr, it was your email service too.

Did you click on a bad link and have a virus?

Thanks for responding. The most recent weird message was from Fiverr and it was from someone looking to buy a service. I clicked the link, it took me to Fiverr but the message was gone.

Uh oh. Did that link ask you to login to Fiverr?

In the mean time change your password right away.


yea never do that. If you get a message from fiverr about any service, never click the link. open a fresh browser page and go to fiverr manually to check on that.

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Sorry man, you got to careful next time.

I’ve also gotten some pretty unofficial looking communication from Fiverr. I don’t think it’s them.
I just want the money back. I did a lot of work. Can someone from Fiverr please contact me asap?!

contact customer service, it may be 24-48 hours before you hear back though. But remember, it wasn’t their fault.

Actually I caught the hack early, contacted Fiverr to change my paypal email but they did not respond.

because they take 24-48 hours to get back to you. You could have changed your paypal address yourself in the settings. billing

System wouldn’t allow me to.

why? It only asks for phone verification.

It says “We will now send an email to your current billing address …” never sent the email

Could it be your email was changed as well?

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Don’t think so. No change in email. Appreciate you all helping me!

I got confused here. So, you mean Fiverr would send a link we are not supposed to click? :scream:

no I’m saying hackers and spammers send fake fiverr links to get you to click on the links.

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@uncarved Kk, just wanted to clarify. Cheers. :slight_smile:

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The Fiverr link took me to Fiverr. I messaged the person, but there message in my email did not appear on the messaging system within Fiverr. It was weird