Someone Hacked my account.stole my money


Yes, this Just happens with me. Someone stole all my revenues. And I am here Posting This, Like what should I do now. How is this Possible, Fiverr should Tighten their security.


How did this happen?


Please give us some details. We can’t tell what happened.


I Received This Kind of messages Yesterday

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Mod Note: Screen shots show too much information. Removed.

I Ignore, May be that was my Mistake. Now today Morning when I checked my Email, My card (payoneer) messaged that you received a payment and then Immediately made transactions to another account and My card is now Block because they suspect its all done without my permission But still my Revenue is transacted, I am contacting my Customer care Lets hope.


Can you access your account? If so, change your password immediately.

Did you provide your login information to anyone?

I’m happy to hear you’ve contacted support.


I don’t Know :frowning: :skull_crossbones:


Yes I can access my fiverr Account but my Payoneer card is blocked.


Follow these steps:

  1. Change your Fiverr password
  2. Contact Fiverr support with attached screenshots.
  3. Contact Payoneer.

Do you know how they accessed your account? Did you share information with anyone?


No I Never Share my login Info with anyone.


At least Payoneer blocked your account and hopefully you’ll get this resolved.

Keep me posted :slight_smile:


Yeah Sure,
Thanks for your Support.
This is quite tough time for me, Distracted :frowning: