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Someone hacked my account to buy gig I didn't purchase

Beware of the hacker everybody.

It just happened 2 hours ago, my account was used by someone to buy a gig from someone named ***** which is I believe he was also the hacker. He even wrote down review with my account, this is really filthy. I send a complaint to the customer service and I hope I would get a refund.

Is anybody had this experience before? Or this is a new scam technique?

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I’m sorry this happened to you!

How much was the gig he bought?

Geez. If it’s true that the hacker bought his/her own gig, then he belongs on an episode of ‘The World’s Dumbest Criminals’.


How can he be so smart to know how to hack this way, but so dumb he buys a gig from himself? Usually they withdraw money. I wonder if he bought a $5 gig.

Few month’s ago it happens with me and i was massaged on cs they refund my fund
you need to contact customer support now

It’s only 25$ but it’s freaking me out. What if he hack my account again and take more money? I hope not.

I think I’m lucky that the criminal is a smart dumb type haha! Fortunately there was not much money in my account.

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I’m so happy it worked out well for you.

How did he gain access to your account?

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I also curious how he got the access. I never click any suspicious link or anything. I think everybody who got hacked never do anything reckless too. Fiverr should improve the security I guess.

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