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Someone has asked to buy our gig to run as their own - Has anyone had this happen?

We received a message this morning from someone asking if they can buy our squirrel message gig so they can run it and we would stop running it??! They offered us $150-200 for our gig.

Never heard of this before.

We are probably going to politely refuse as we run these on our farm and have lots of options to expand with the squirrels and other animals too. But now we are concerned they will just create a similar gig and do it anyway.

Any advice or suggestions on what to do?


It’s a scam and phishing attempt. Don’t open any attachments or reply. Use the report button in the message and support will take care of it.

Nothing to worry about, just move on from it and forget it.

Thanks for letting us know. Glad we didn’t reply or open the attachment.


A week ago someone asked me to buy my profile. I’m new here and have 0 sales. I had only one gig by then, so I asked him why and he said because he likes my country and wants a profile from around here.

So I guess it is a common thing to buy profiles and gigs, but somehow I don’t think fiverr admins will like it :). He even told me to click a link and I went there, I found his email :). A day ago fiverr find out somehow and blocked his account.

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Sheriff’s Note: FYI… Your name next to your icon is a link to your gigs. It is not necessary to place the link in every post.

mudpuddlefarms said: Any advice or suggestions on what to do?

Report them to Fiverr.

They must have done this to someone else and been reported as the message is still there but I can’t do anything with it. I get a message saying this user is not able to receive messages. And the report button is greyed out.