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Someone has copy my gig design and content....Want to complain against that gig

Hello friends,

Good Morning. Hope you are doing good.

Today I saw when I was searching on fiverr for a specific keyword and I saw one seller copied my complete design and content as well.

I would like to complain against that seller to FIVERR support.

Just need your help on this matter. What should I do?

Waiting for your reply.


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Contact CS with proof that the design is yours - I know it’s hard to find the proof unless you video-ed yourself designing it, but you will need to prove the designs are your own work. Take screenshots and attach them to your CS message.

Don’t contact CS, it will be faster if you just report gig itself.
Go to his profile, go to his gig and find the “report” button itself. It will ask you to attach a link to the original content (which is your gig) and they usually act faster than going through CS

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