Someone has messaged me for one year, finally my patience has gone


Someone who has the top rated buyer badge has been messaging me for one year. She always wants to know how much something costs, then when I send an offer says she is poor or sick or broke and wants it cheaper.

The last offer I sent her was half of what it usually is and it was ignored.

So finally I told her to please find someone else. She said “Sure. How much would it cost though?” wanting me to once again tell her a price or send her an offer so she could ignore it.

She had launched into another long message this time about how sick she is, her doctor said this and that, she has this and that illness, she desperately needs help, etc. The usual type of message from her only this time a new slant.

Even after I told her I reported her to customer support for harassment she again messaged me. Just go away lady! This is one of the few times I wanted to be rude. Another passive-aggressive NARCISSIST!


You did the right think. She must be Top rated buyer but her thinking is like Uncultured persons.


I don’t get many who ask me to make my price for something cheaper after I tell them the price, so that’s when I checked and realized that this has been going on with her for a year. I saw several very inexpensive offers I’ve sent her each time she has asked. There is never any follow up from her after that, and then she comes back with the same routine.

In fact, for the past year or more, the only one who has asked for a lower price is her.

Why can’t she use one of the 1,000 others who offer the same service for $5?

She is not interested in hiring me at all. It’s passive aggressive behavior. And this includes me having to read her long complaints about her life before she gets to the point.


Definitely report here so she doesn’t message you again. Unnecessary stress.


I thought MissCrystal already reported her? because this is what she said in her post:


I would of replied with offers over $10,000 and that would be it.


Why would you not just say (nicely) that you are not going to reply to any future correspondence and then dont reply again.


At first I didn’t realize who she was or how long she had been messaging me and when I realized the full extent of it, I reached my limit of patience. It does not happen often. She caught me off guard.

I still have to read the long messages from her each time so she had to be reported and hopefully blocked.


You deserve a medal for your patience!


don’t worry, I think she busy in personal life or in a problem. human so.


Hmm, if she’s a Seller with a TRS badge times shouldn’t be too hard for her to spend some moola. :money_with_wings:
A year is a very long time to be dealing with foolishness tho. As a Seller she should know better, :watch: time is a terrible thing to waste.

It sounds like she’s lonely and just needs an ear to listen to her troubles. Maybe she reads through your reviews and just seeks you out for comfort or something.


No it’s an illness Miss Nikavoice.


Well, then you cannot help her. She needs to sit down with her Medical team to get things squared away. Maybe take some screenies to show CS?


It’s attention seeking behavior. I would use my new word to describe it but don’t want to keep repeating myself. It’s becoming an epidemic.


Its a good matter that you had always been replying to her message in a professional way. As a seller sometime we have to keep ourselves calm and patient although somebody irritates. This is of course professionalism. Indeed she may have some trouble. If she is going beyond limit just ignore her message.


I think she probably wants to know how the selling prices are in the market. If I suspect a troublemaker I usually quote a very large amount and delivery time that will turn off someone like that. :slight_smile:


Top Rated Buyer? Well doesn’t sound like it!
You did the right thing. Especially after 1 year!
I wish I had the patience just like you do :wink:
She probably just wanted to cause trouble. Hopefully CS will do something about it :thinking: