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Someone help me please

Someone help me out here please.
I’m Tunisian, my country do not have international payment yet, it means that i can’t get an international Mastercard… our Mastercard valid only in Tunisia.
I worked hard in this site in the beginning and after getting some money i get choked by that fact and it leads me to forget about freelance and my thoughts about making some shopping in the internet.
Anyone here can help me to make my dreams come true please.

@azizghrabli there are three payment methods, PayPal, Payoneer Bank Transfer or Fiverr revenue card, most of the banks do have IBAN (International Banking Account Number) which you can add into your fiverr account to get direct payments if PayPal is not available in your country.

Hope it helps …

Thanks, but i know that… and i like to shop something from internet and if i withdraw it to a Tunisian bank it will be impossible since our national card can be used only in tunisia.

It seems that your problem is not with fiverr. Unfortunately no one on fiverr forum can change the way banks operate in your country.

Fiverr already offering few different ways to withdraw your money and if you want to buy something internationally you can use your PayPal for that.

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Then anyone can make PayPal for me ?

I hope this is not a joke. It’s your PayPal and you should create your own PayPal. Otherwise it might be considered as fraud and money laundering.


Unfortunately it’s not, because as i said PayPal is unavailable in tunisia :confused:

You really can’t be asking people here to do this for you. It’s totally against both Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and PayPal’s terms of service. In fact, as soon as you venture into banking territory, this may well be illegal.

I’m sorry that you’re facing issues, but as others have mentioned, these issues are not to do with Fiverr, but with your own country’s banking system, and you’ll need to look for a legal solution yourself away from Fiverr.

Good luck.


Then the money will be stuck here with no solution.

If you not going to look for solutions then no one will do it for you. And if you don’t want to help yourself and read watch what else you can do then yes, as you said money will be stuck here. No action = zero result.

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Unfortunately, yes it sounds like it. It doesn’t give you the rights to break the law.

You could ask Fiverr Customer Support if they can advise you of any options. Or you could speak with a financial expert in Tunisia to see what they suggest. But the option you’re suggesting, of having someone create a PayPal to receive funds on your behalf, is illegal.