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Someone help me!

Am I able to create another fiverr account on my PC?:expressionless:

No. You cannot create more than one account on any PC or device. One account per user. Two or more accounts is grounds for a ban.

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In this account, I opened this account in January 2018 and created so many gig. Then delete all the gig and create once again:expressionless:
At the beginning, I found almost 5-7 buyer request, but now Iā€™m facing a problem in the buyer request section. Three days ago I have created a gig(Business Card). But there is only one buyer request and almost 1600+ seller requested on it!:expressionless: And the request shows every time I look at the buyer request section.
Can you tell me? why Iā€™m not seeing new buyer request??:pensive::pensive:

You need levels to see more.

The latest information we have from Customer Support is as follows:

"Our Editors carefully review each request and periodically release them to the buyer request area for sellers. You will have to check back every once in awhile for these requests.

The Buyer Request feature is dependent on the buyers. If buyers are not submitting requests to your category, you will receive fewer requests than usual.

Please know that all requests have a limit of 10 unleveled seller offers before they are removed from view. This too has an effect on the number of offers you can see. You will have to check back every once in awhile for these requests."

A new account would be worse. If you really want one, you can deactivate your current account in settings and then create a new one.

I want to deactivate my current account and then create a new one, is it possible by using a single device?

Yes. If you donā€™t see how in your settings, ask Customer Support for help. It is better to tell them anyway so they can approve your new account.

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Thanks a lot for your kind help:slightly_smiling_face: