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Someone is Copying my Gigs

Can I report her for copying all my gigs?? She copied ALL the gigs I have minus the description

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Yes, you can report this to Customer Support.


Just let the customer support know that @exotiqbeauty

Let her copy your gigs. Fiverr’s algorithms will find out and block her account. you can also report to customer support.

No, @exotiqbeauty
every new seller don’t know how to create a gig perfectly and some seller will not creative on make spell for gig creation
If you are a good knowledgeble seller so you get many job they not ( copyed your gig ). Gig rank bepand on your gig sell
So You will not make a report.

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Why not?
When creating a gig there is a tutorial at every step, it is much easier to follow the tutorial. Why should someone copy your description, image or even use a presentation for which you probably worked a few days? Even a few days ago I saw a seller using a Fiverr add in the video presentation.
I personally think I made dozens of reports for a presentation and countless times for the thumbs images.

I think you can give him warning to remove all the copied data. If he wil not agree with you then you can contact with the customer support.CS will take steps against him.

@developermdsk what do you mean?

You can’t copy any gig, if reported, your gig will be removed/denied along with a warning from fiverr.
@exotiqbeauty you should report him to the CS, they’ll take the required action against him.

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i think first of all you give him warning about copied data…

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