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Someone is copying my profile

Hello! I got contacted by a “customer” on an offer that i posted, but when I checked her profile I saw that she copied one particular offer (the one that she was trying to buy) can I report her for that?

No, of course not.

If she did not exact copy-paste your description and images, there is nothing wrong here.

She/he is outsourcing. She has a client willing to pay her X so she hires someone who is willing to do a job for X-Y.

Worker gets Z (X-Y), she gets Y.
If the worker has no clients this is a win-win situation.

But it depends on the service.

If the client is not happy with her she can not come to the worker and ask for money back.

The problem is that she did copy-paste it, but wrote it on a different language. I already contacted fiverr but it takes them 24 to 48 hours to answer so I’ll have to wait. Thank you for answering!