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Someone is reselling my gigs

Hi there is someone who has a identical gig as mine regarding description, but for 3 times the prices. Is this even allowed by the TOS of Fiverr and what can I do about that?


Sellers are supposed to be creative in their Gig descriptions.

I’d report the duplication to Fiverr CS.


Yes. Sellers can make Gigs (not copy directly someone else’s word for word), put in a high price, then go buy the $5 or cheaper than their Gigs to “resell” to clients.

It is not against the TOS.

Raise your prices if you want to avoid this type of buyer.


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I saw lots of copycat gigs of mine, but they were all at the bottom pages with close to no orders in queue (Where mine is now) so I just ignored them. They went away on their own after a time. But if they’re bothering you, it is a good idea to report them. But it only works if it’s direct copy pasta or they are using your gig’s picture/video.


The description is very identical but not copied 1 by 1. Is there any chance of the gig being taken down?

Did he/she used your Gig Image too…?

No he made his own ones


Please fiver customer support

I think Fiverr CS will point out the same thing to you that they are not copied “word for word” which, in essence, makes them different than yours.

I know, not fair but it makes sense.

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So you have competition?
And they are getting ahead of you?

Great. If they can sell your thing for 3 times the price. it says that you can - and should - be doing the same. Put your prices up and be sure you deliver something special that they cannot.


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