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Someone is Spamming all Boards!

Alert Fiverr Team, someone is spamming all your boards with spam. Please do something about it QUICKLY!

Reply to @mark74: I have no doubt about that :slight_smile:

Good Work :slight_smile:

That person is doing this from 2 weeks or so, And every-time make new user account and begin spamming the forum :frowning:

We sheriffs are doing our best to keep forum clean.

Sorry for any problem occurred :frowning:

Isnt Fiverr doing something about it? Or is the Forum abandoned? Lets write to support about this. It’s ugly!

Not only do they change their username all the time, I suspect they use various IP addresses so that blocking any particular IP address is futile. So annoying!

Reply to @wingle: Thank you :slight_smile: