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Someone is using my gig

Hi, Today I saw 2 people used my Gig image and one is a level one seller and 2nd is a new seller. I did not know when he started using my Gig image but today I notice.when I report these 2 profiles Fiverr removed my image why Fiverr do this can you tell me I have made this image in adobe illustrator i have proof of the images made by me some copy my image and put your profile name and used my image Please gig me advice on what I do


Just contact the CS and give all the source files of your gig. I hope it will help you out.

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are you sure they will help me because when i report these 2 profile they removed my gig why they removed my gig i am the original content writer of image

@wordpress_play I am sure they will help you. Just give the original source files to them.

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so should i don’t upload new image i have received warning upload new image and don’t upload this image so should i upload new image or old image or contact the customer support because my gig is not showing

@wordpress_play first contact CS then follow their guidelines.

i have already open a ticket 3 days left but no response

When you are reporting someone and it relates to you personally you need to make sure that your report is professional and detailed from the first interaction.

So you should send them your source file in the first email and ad details.

Always try to be articulate and straightforward when contacting CS.


FYI, the profile picture you are using right now. I have seen that too somewhere on the other 2 sellers profiles. I am sorry to inform you because this reply makes your situation worse. :roll_eyes:

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can you tell me which picture