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Someone is using my work on their gig And the original order was cancelled

1 month ago 1 buyer came to me and gave me references that how he want 3d animation of its product and i decided to work with him I Made the exact same animation that he told me to do and on very low price of 40$ After i delivered it to him he instantly said he doesn’t like the animation and there was nothing wrong with animation and send me dispute to cancel the order but i didn’t accepted it because there was nothing wrong but he contacted fiverr and fiverr incstantly cancelled the order without seeing that the buyer is scamming me i contacted with fiverr and they blamed me for this that i didn’t give him quality work i tried my best because it was my 3rd order and cancellation really effected my gig and after it i just decided to forgot about it

Now After 1 Month I Saw A Gig Using The Same Work with a five star review and a amazing feedback from the original buyer. I Want to Ask You Something That Is This How Fiverr is helping their Sellers. They are just instantly blaming seller . I think Its Time To Leave Fiverr​:sweat::sweat::pensive:


I think i may have across the client you are mentioning about. I instantly rejected him, i knew he was outsourcing project on low budgets.

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It was just my 3rd project on fiverr and i didn’t knew that this will gonna happen

That is the only drawback I’m concerned on fiverr, its surely a win situation for scammers as they get away with it, even today I got scammed by a Portuguese guy and he is using my artwork. I requested a support ticket to do something about it.

Sadly, most new sellers face these things. I’m sure you won’t lose your patience and start working again. What if this scam becomes your point of turning to success ? think positive and don’t lose hope.
Good luck!

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Thanks for your words and i hope fiverr will help you to Solve your problem

I’m over it. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I vet clients to see how they will be using the work to avoid this.


Just flag and report to that profile, And write all the reasons and send screenshots of the file, Fiverr CS will check it and they will take action of that seller. That seller did a wrong thing and acctually scaming it. Go to that seller’s profile and “FLAG” it . I hope you’ll get justice.


What kind of animation work you do? Am looking for a video animator. Am tired of ********** scammers on fivveer claiming to be filipinos, bangaldesh, pakistanis, indians and etc.

Hope to find a real animator.

@albertjames166 You need to take care with how you reference people from countries. I am not a Mod here but I could see one being unhappy with what you wrote (even if it may be true).

I wonder why you don’t simply go research the seller’s Gigs as that would, or should, tell you what you need to know. If you like what you see in his Gig, you can contact him there.



There are so many clues about a seller’s proficiency and professionalism when you take a close look at their profile!

Avoid to blame people’s nationality, there are scammers in every countries of the world.

Your story is really scary, report buyer is the thing to do, tho I hope it won’t happen to me :frowning: