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Someone just asked for a sample work

I am a bit new here and only have one gig up at the moment and someone just messaged me asking to do an order of 50. I said sure and suggested to order 1 gig at a time though.

They then said that they would need one piece of sample work. Of course, I said I had three samples on my gig that they could take a look at.

Is this common? I have a feeling that they are just trying to get a free piece of work and saying they will order a large amount just in hopes someone will take the bait and think “What is one free project compared to x amount”.

Anyway I was just checking. :slight_smile:

It’s common, especially when sellers are new, and yes, they’re just looking for freebies.

I figured as much. Have you done any “sample” work. I was thinking of taking the bait but putting a watermark over it since my gig is making YouTube thumbnails. Thoughts? lol

Yes, it’s common for buyers to ask for samples. If you already have the samples in your profile or have them stored somewhere else, just upload the ones you have already done, do not make custom samples unless the buyer pays for them… Short story. A “buyer” once asked for a transcription of an audio file, divided the file into multiple section, then distributed the file to different sellers and told them that it was a test to see if they can do it. In the end the “buyer” got the whole file transcripted and didn’t have to pay anything. All of this under the magical name… Sample…

Yes, paid samples.

I’m a writer, so it wouldn’t work for me. You can try if you’re bored, or just want to see what happens.

That is actually a good idea just to resend the ones from my gig profile. Also sorry to hear about that :frowning:

I could see a paid sample working for some gigs, but since mine is for $5 and it is a thumbnail for a youtube video. Not sure how that would work lol

That’s definitely a reason not to offer anything for free. If they can’t afford to purchase a $5 gig, they can’t afford large orders, either.

You can politely tell them that you’re unable to give them any free custom samples, but that they can get one thumbnail done for just $5.

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