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Someone mistakenly ordered then cancelled - does this affect my rating?

I received a $5 order, then an immediate cancellation request by the person, saying they ordered by mistake.

It’s now prompting me to accept this cancellation.

If I accept this cancellation, is this going to affect my rating? Otherwise, what else can I do? I’ve worked damned hard to get to a 2nd level seller - and on the way to Top Rated - with a perfect record and I’m going to be seriously upset if this impacts on me…

(If it does affect my rating in any way, this seems profoundly unfair, as anyone could then just go around all their competitors ordering and immediately cancelling, to damage their rating!)


In fact these kind of low quality concurrence still exist and highly effective, i got one litrally on my second order, a local concurrent who made this lame move so i can’t upscale on Fiverr (been here since two weeks) and as soon as i saw it coming, i denied the cancellation and immediately contacted the support and kept declining the cancellation t’il the support closed the order.

Try to open a ticket right now and provide the support with everything

Yes, it will affect your rating - if you allow it to.

As @zespeeddesigner has said, the way to handle this is to ask customer support to cancel the order - stating that the customer ordered by mistake. CS should then cancel, allowing your stats to be preserved. Just be aware that many people are reporting CS are taking 10 days or so to respond to support tickets at the moment.

If you agree to the cancellation yourself, then your stats will take a hit.


You said it well ! if you allow it

Same case happend with me 3 times…Try to convener buyer to give him a service to say him if I cancel the order it will be a negative effect with my service…if he feel disagree you told him to wait 2-10 day for cancellation from fiverr support… If he show disagree and told you that he will sent cancel request to fiverr then you can sent him cancel request from resolution center…it will be better for you…I mention here very shortcut… Hopefully you understood it…

Yes it will and that’s why I don’t care about levels.

But you can’t force someone to buy something when they told you before you started thet you didn’t want it.