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Someone not providing order information

I have order information active on several gigs of mine and along with that on some gigs it is mandatory for order information

a buyer had placed an order but did not submit the order information which is now almost a month and the order appears in active orders but not on priority.

Screen shot of the order that appears on priority is attached.

The buyer has not responded to nudges and neither replies me on messages on inbox. (Possibly inactive)

Wondering what i should do…

Would anybody suggest me anything ?

You have two options. One, continue to wait. Or two, cancel the order and move on to other orders. If the person fails to respond, the odds are strong that they have either forgotten about the order, or they don’t care enough to stay on top of moving it toward completion.

I would cancel it, personally. If you take a vacation and the buyer suddenly comes back and starts the order, you could come back to a bad surprise. Some buyers will show up out of the blue and if you’re away it can run late and get you an automated one star review.

Thank you

I dont have the cancel option