Someone Noticed New Layout ? Pretty Awesome


FIver has changed its layout of icons :slight_smile:

looking cool .


Fiverr are making cool changes…aaaaaaaand the site is down :))


i can’t answer inbox mess, help


yes these icons are nice


look good for the new icons


I can’t cash out any of my money for the past 12 hours, the paypal sign is gray and when I click on the card it gives me an error saying:
Withdrawals are temporarily disabled for this account. Our team is working hard on getting this fixed as soon as possible.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Is anyone else having this problem?


I really do love the new icons in the Menu. I love the flatness and I think they better resemble what each page is for.

Great job Fiverr!


NICE job, Fiverr! lookin’ good…


Yes I really like this new layout.


yes I love it more modern!


yes its look good, but why your post is in tips section :wink:


anyone tell me about conversion rate .?
what is this? and how is affected? @julipalmer @paintedsquare @stefficolbert @fonthaunt ,


Smooth and appealing. I like. :D/


Nice flat icons!

Also, noticed the forum changes too?

Fiverr likes to refresh sometimes!


yes its pretty awesome


Hey guys, first post on the forum :slight_smile:

It looks awesome but I must say it would be cool if they integrated a module that made it so when you mouse over the ‘notifications’ button the information appeared in a drop down format rather than actually having to go on the notifications page!


Looking good!


I had my Fiverr dashboard open on the delivery window for a while as I was working on the graphics… Then I delivered the order - and the screen refreshed to reveal the new icons! :slight_smile:

Pretty cool, I especially like the drop-down menu for the Community and the addition of the Fiverr Academy! Lots of good stuff to read!!

The grey-on-black icons look a bit dull though, and kind of a little blurry. I cannot go back and compare them with the old ones now, but I thought the old ones looked “sharper”.

In any case, I appreciate the fact that Fiverr is always improving and updating things, whether it’s refreshing the looks or adding new features. Way to go, Fiverr!


It is a very good development,It shows that fiverr is creative.


Yes, fiverr change the icons, now looking cool