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Someone offered me a long term job by message on fiverr. but never come back :(

Hi everyone.
Someone offered me a long term project. He gave me a test. When I send my my artwork, he said that he love it. but then he never tucked me in anymore.

Is it just a deceit?

Usually if someone ask for free stuff, they have no intention of paying. So never work for free! :slight_smile: Or did he pay for the “test”?

If this person had paid for the test, I see no problems.
There is a possibility that he was giving out tests to other multiple sellers to see
which style will best fit his idea/project. Maybe he found another person and decided to go with that seller.

On the other had if this person did not pay…well, I’m afraid that he has gotten away with free work. My advice to you is NEVER work on anything for free, even if he/she says they will give you a lot of orders in the future.

You’ll find that as you work with multiple customers… some follow through on their word, others don’t. Just like everyone you meet in life… some are cool. Some are losers. Just focus on building a relationship with the great customers you encounter, and that will help build your business.

I will say this…

One trick to success on Fiverr is learning to recognize bad customers and not working with them. Actually now that I think about it… that’s a trick for success in any business! :slight_smile:

Try to watermark , your work if you’re sending it as a sample,
also you can lower the quality .

Never send free custom samples. The test thing is just fake if you’re not getting paid for it. Your portfolio items are enough to help a potential buyer decide whether they want to work with you or not.

I somehow disagree with the comments telling you to never give anything for free. It might depend on the line of work.

When I get asked for a sample -which is a rare occasion-, I weigh three variables to determine whether I will or will not send one to them:

  1. Does the customer feel like the real thing, or is it a scammer trying to get away with free stuff?

  2. Do I have some spare time to work on the sample, or will I have to take time off paid work to do it?

  3. How much work am I willing to do for free? Am I willing to work on the sample requested in exchange for a slight chance of landing a job which may not even be worth it?

My motto is “never bet what you’re not willing to lose”. And a sample IS a bet with low chances of winning.

On the other hand, I have actually landed some loyal repeat customers who had first asked for a small sample.

So, in the spirit of Monty Python or The Walking Dead, ask the 3 questions. If you like the answers, then go for it, but keep in mind you’ll probably be wasting your time.

Maybe he died? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I’m very sorry to hear that. I personally do not accept free tests due to the time and effort they require. When buyers contact me for samples, I always direct them to my portfolio.