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Someone order my gig but I am not able to do this

I work as a web researcher, I have gig relevant web research. Some one order my gig but I am not able to do this job. What can I do now. any way to cancel the order or stop the order.

You would have to cancel if it is something you are not capable of doing.

order to new seller who complete your order and deliver your buyer

@lastay please can you tell me how can I cancel the order ?

Click the visit resolution center button on the right side of your order page. It will take you to a list of suggestions, pick the one that fits your case.

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@ghufran_design thanks
good idea but it not a actual work that I can hire another one.

I am sorry @lastay. I can find this.thanks for your help.

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i am sorry i d’not know i am new

@ghufran_design no problem. I am new here. Actually this is my first time I cancle the order.