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Someone ordered a gig without reading the gig?

So i make games for the pc , and my gig is very descriptive on what the $5 gig includes

one character, three levels and enemies.

however someone decided to just order the gig and write on the details , “i want 6 characters , 5 levels , complex levels and more” .

I can see the negative review comming up this week and its not fair , not at all.

Your gig is awesome! I’ve had this happen a lot. I usually message the buyer to remind them what the gig entails and that what they want requires more gig(s). I offer them the choice of canceling the order or proceeding after they’ve ordered the correct amount. Then I follow up with a cancellation request to stop the clock so I don’t get screwed if they fail to respond before the gig is due. But, I worry far less about cancellations than negatives.

Cancel it or talk to support and they can cancel too.But firstly talk to the buyer and if he not reply to you then do this and go to cancel the order.

hopefully everything will work out.

Reply to @venussgirl: yes im currently waiting for the buyer answer. Since it always takes hours for people to answer it kind of drives me crazy X_X not knowing what is going to happen. If it goes well then yay! But if not i will take your advice and talk to support.

Reply to @traxie2001: well thank you, yeah i sent a message . hopefully the buyer will understand and we can all be happy about it. I just dont like gettin’ the cancelation ratio up but its true , negative reviews are worst X_X .

I tried reading my gig like 10 times to see how someone could misunderstand it but even i , whos main language is spanish can pick up on what the gig is .

Dont get me wrong, im up to what the user asked for but that is not a $5 gig.

it took me by surprise because i usually get a message before someone orders from me. That way we get an understanding of what they want and what i can deliver.