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Someone Ordered me same gig 3 times Mistakenly


Hi Sellers,

Last Night I get ordered from the same person a gig 3 times With one of them filled with requirements. Now What should I do with the next two gigs? This already happened before two times.

If I cancel them IT would really impact my gig in many ways?

Is there any way to solve this ?
Waiting for reply from experienced sellers.

Thank You,
Hasnain ali


This happened to me too like a month ago. I think its a bug. I contacted my client to ask if they meant to order two different gigs but they never responded to my messages. I eventually had to cancel the other gig.

Can you reach out to your client and request them to send you different instructions for the other gigs? Because they have already been charged, maybe they wont mind it.


I had this problem last week (and a few times before already).

You can contact customer support and tell them the number of the order you want to keep and the order numbers you want them to cancel, they’ll do that for you if it was accidental multiple orders.

Sadly, it still will lower your completion rate percentage.

You should, after all, message the buyer to ask about it, though, in case they actually wanted to order 3x and just didn’t have the time to provide the requirements for the other two orders but keep in mind that if they won’t respond timely, it may affect your delivered on rate percentage and when an order goes very late, the client will get the option to cancel, which again will lead to an automated 1* review if they do so.

So, the best option depends on how much time you have and on whether the buyer will react or not; with a cancellation, you’re on the safe side regarding the order going late, but it’s not ideal either, obviously.


If your Buyer don’t reply at all then, you just complete your delivery in time,(if your buyer had set the requirements.)


I think you can contact CS and seek their help to cancel without impacting on your performance. If they disagree to do this, you just deliver accordingly. As it is not your mistake, why should you accept the result of other’s mistake!!


Sadly even if CS cancels, it STILL impacts our performance ratio… That’s how I lost my TRS status a few months ago. I had several duplicate or cancelled error orders. They do not differentiate between cancelled by seller/buyer or if it is cancelled by CS and it still impacts our scores, sadly. It’s a flawed system.


In this case, Fiverr should think about the seller. We are getting negative impact what we don’t deserve.


Contact CS But i got this Reply


That’s exactly the same cut and paste response I got 3 different occasions when I wrote them about my concerns a few months ago when my stats began to slip because of the gigs ordered in error. I even sent them a list of each one – most of them had something on the cancellation about how the buyer just wanted to cancel for __ reason, or duplicate order, and it did nothing. They still doomed me. And now that I got my stats back up last month, I never got my TRS back because they didn’t think I was ready for it. Even after having it for over 7 years and selling over 6,5000 gigs…

They ARE still NOT listening to our concerns at all


Yes I do agree with you . There should be an option where they can handle these issues. I’ve have 3 active orders without requirement :frowning: