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Someone outside of Fivver contacted me

I posted a gig and ************** looked me up on Facebook and offered his services. I had already found someone on Fivver and I’m happy, just don’t want members looking me up and trying to solicit outside of Fivver. Is there a way to report him?

Mod Note: Seller’s name removed.

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Hi - and welcome

I’ve heard of this happening before (on a different platform, but still). Some sellers are under the impression that this is a clever move … but, as you state here, it’s really not. It’s annoying. And kind of creepy.

You can report the seller to CS - it’s against TOS to contact anyone outside of Fiverr.

Alternatively, just a suggestion - you’ll note most of us don’t use our real names, which makes us more difficult to track down outside the site.

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Lmao oh wow, I’ve never had someone contact me through my facebook. That’s creepy.
Yes you should report them, that is soliciting.