Someone please help me


Recently I made an order that was $45. I asked the digital artist to use this symbol.

First they don’t use the symbol at all. ( I have a screenshot of the conversation, giving them clear instruction and them saying “ok” )

Then, they create a whole new image, and just put the symbol as a tiny thing in the center… I only have 1 revision left, and usually I at least get somewhere close to what I want or at least some more ideas.
I totally lost out on this, and I want to know who can do a better job.

I know how Fiverr works now though. Don’t go to “big sellers” for real custom work.


I kinda missed out on the part you need help on…


IS this is supposed to be a serious logo, for something … grown-up?
It looks like an illustration for a new LEGO product line. (The Villain: HAXXTOR!!)

However, I have the feeling there’s something missing to the story here.


Looks like an indie game title


Looks similar to the hacker logos that were injected into one of my test websites!!!


I need a better artist. …