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Someone purchased a paused gig

I paused the only gig I have on here a few weeks ago. I checked my email a few days ago and I was alerted that I was late on filling an order. I checked my gig, and it was still paused when I went to check on it. Has anyone else had this issue?

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The only times this happened to me was when buyers would order while my gig was active, they wouldn’t provide any instructions and just forget about their order, and as soon as I would pause my gigs, BAM, they suddenly decided to provide the instructions for an order that was placed before pausing and that I had already forgotten about since it was inactive for so long :slight_smile:

So, are you 100% sure that order has been placed after you paused the gig, and not before? Because Fiverr is known for not notifying you all the time about new inactive orders with no instructions provided :wink:

Just open the order page and look at the date it was placed on.

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Maybe that happens when you send an offer to a customer and he picked it up after you paused the gig.
Could that be possible?

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I paused the gig weeks before the order was placed. I logged in as soon as I saw the email. I went to my gigs because I was confused by the fact that someone was able to buy a paused gig. I thought maybe I thought I paused it but really didn’t. I checked and it had the gig listed as paused.

Well, if that’s the case you know what to do: Customer Support :wink:

Are you sure it was paused at the time it was ordered?

I’ve had people pop up a year later and order my paused gig.

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@kortneyjewell I think I may have found something most don’t know about.

On a gig, there’s an option called “Keep direct link active”, so make sure you have this disabled otherwise people can still order your gig:

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@Woofy31 you’re a genius.

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Actually I found this on a post from @annai80 that came up just at the right time for this thread :slight_smile: