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Someone said they would report my account

Someone messaged me on LinkedIn and tried to get me to work outside of Fiverr. They said they would report me for wasting their time because I changed my mind about working for them. I have contacted customer support but I just wanted to rant. They also said they would get my account suspended. I’m not really worried, it’s honestly kind of amusing. They said they were gonna tell customer support that I was the one trying to get people to work outside of Fiverr which is laughable.

@elise_arps yes, it was really laughable

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Welcome abroad! You’ll meet all kinds of people and these things will become natural. Just ignore and report to CS as soon as you cross path with 'em.
Rest assured, as long as you have denied working outside of Fiverr, and you have the conversation captured, their false complaint won’t do anything. :slight_smile:


How did they get your LinkedIn profile?


I think on LinkedIn, the seller might have mentioned the link to fiverr profile. Don’t know! Just a guess!!

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Dont share social media links or details …that is not legal in fiverr…and don’t do your works outside fiverr

The first time they messaged me was on LinkedIn and I added a link to my Fiverr profile on LinkedIn.

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oh…then you don’t need to worry about that bro…also he is an outside customer of yours

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this guy doesn’t get it

I think I’m going to taunt the person by saying “how is trying to suspend my account going?”

why would you do that? that is passive aggressive and for sure wouldn’t leave them indifferent and they are already seem to be vindictive without a reason. so why to tease a beast?
and on top of that it’s also unprofessional.


Yeah you’re probably right. I won’t then. To be fair, it’s just a simple question.

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@elise_arps Stupid and mean go together. That guy is both.