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Someone send me a message that make me bother


Hi im a level 2 seller here in fiverr and earlier today someone send me a message regarding my activities or use of fiverr. He warned me about my actions for he saw that i have orders in my gig with the same buyer which also buy my gig x3 = $15 or more instead of x1 = $5. That customer of mine keep ordering my gig and before he just tip me $5 if the design is not easy to trace or convert to vector then our next suggestions he just add it on the price or the gig he buys that’s why. Then this guy told me that i need to be fair for i am not the only one wants to earn in fiverr and if i continue then someone might report me and my account get banned. That customer of mine is very valuable to me and his generous because he send me tip also for the job well done. Then while reading some articles on fiverr and the newly launch menu “THE CONTACTS” that says we need to communicate our buyers because they might have some project in the future that makes them hire as again. So that is why my buyer keep coming to order my vector art gig there. Is it possible that someone report your account to get banned even there not your customer or they just wanted to let your account suffer because of envy?