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Someone Should Advise Me About My Gigs

Hi everyone! I joined Fiverr three weeks ago, and got my first order just one day after joining. And since that time I have’nt got any order. That is why I want someone to give me advice on how to improve my gigs, and get more sells.
My gigs are:
Thank you.

Shoutout to @samus_x


Hi muhdkano,
I scrolled through your gigs to find any weak point. In my understanding, you need to work on your gig images: its good to show your past work instead of uploading different cultural photos.
improve your response time which is very late right now 6hours!
try to stay online as much as you can.


Check the @saqibhussain516 reply. Also consider these:

  1. Use a smiley professional profile picture.
  2. Send buyer request
  3. Active on Fiverr forum.

Thank you @saqibhussain516 and @golakchandra for your suggestions. I will do my best to improve my gig images, response time and stay online as much as I can.


wish you good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why in the world do you think that would result in sales…? Like… really?

Yes I believe if you active on forum by helping others. Not only just help to others but also learn from others. And I believe that Fiverr also like and encourage your participation on this forum.