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Someone should help me check out my gigs. This is my second post

Hi everyone.

I created these gigs over a week ago.

I have managed to get only one order through buyer request since I created my gigs.
Since then, no more orders are coming, despite the fact that I keep sending offers through buyer requests.

Please help me check it out and let me know what I’m doing wrong (Logo Design) (Photo Editing) (Business Card Design)


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I checked your gig for Logo Design. I think you missed_____. I can help.

This may be helpful to you:

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You need to elaborate on this if you wish to help the OP.

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I can help. there is problem with your title and description.

what you mean by OP?

OP means original poster.


I don’t really understand you

Please what are the problems

do you visit other same gigs?
you need to note down specific information they use. @tolulopedavid

Yes, I do visit other pages to get inspiration and price range

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Hello, can you change your profile picture ASAP. Upload a friendly picture; you smiling. You look terrified in your current pic, it may make a potential buyer feel the same.