Someone stole my all money from Fiverr. I don't know how


Someone stolen my all money from fiverr. First they transfer my all money from on my payonner account, but i saw that my gmail didn’t open my gmail account for confirmation and they transfer all money from payoneer.

I don’t how it possible, even i don’t click any link or unauthorised software.

I'm deactivating my account and going somewhere else

It’s impossible ???


Did you contact support?

Also, change your password immediately.


I think they are hacker who stolen your money from your payoneer account. Now you can contact the customer support of payoneer hope they will be able to help you.


I already contact with payonner and told me that they are trying to recover, but they are not sure it’s possible or not.


I can guarantee that this is done my someone who knows you and had access to either to your computer or someone who knew something like your password or any security question but this is sure that it has been done with someone who had access to something connected to you !!

He knew both of your fiverr and payoneer password . Now you only have one option , first check where the funds are transferred from your payoneer account , If the funds are transferred to the bank account then you are lucky because the other person is not genius and has given you all the access to find him but if the money is transferred to some other payoneer account or other services like this then you can contact customer support of that service , if they will be able to help you even just by telling the name of that account holder !!

But you can trace all transfers and can grap the end bank account !!

Best of luck !


I am 100% sure that No one know my password & this transaction is made today 5-6 hours ago. Few hours ago I saw check my fiverr and saw that my balance is zero I thought it’s internet connection problem and then i check my payonner also almost zero.

They transfer my previous payonner balance and then second one.
Few days ago I was install a vpn extension on my Google crome and I forget to remove it.


Not sure what VPN would have to do with it unless when you did the transfer the bank checks your VPN IP against your normal IP, but still not sure why that would matter.


I think @thecreativeguys was asking if you contacted Fiverr Customer Support, you replied you contacted Payoneer, which is good of course, but you said your money was stolen from Fiverr (first), so you should contact Fiverr Customer Support as well, if you haven´t yet. This is a (peer-to-peer) forum, not Fiverr Support.

Maybe I didn´t understand you right or missed something but just in case you didn´t yet contact Fiverr Support, please do so :slight_smile: :

I hope that VPN extension you installed was from a secure source known to you, I´d assume there are a lot of dubious extension of that kind.


Are they will verify my identity? Because this is happening on my another account & i don’t have any identity proof .


Sorry this happened to you!
If you have no identity proof for your other account I’m not sure what can be done.
You are not supposed to have two accounts and a fake identity.


Well, usually your security question/answer and phone verification might be enough, but in cases of hacking/theft, I certainly assume they will ask you to verify your identity.

But, what you didn´t say before, and which is your bigger problem now, as Miss Crystal says, you are only allowed to have one active account at the same time.

You could try and inform Fiverr Customer Support and tell them about your two accounts and that you didn´t know it´s not allowed and appeal to them so they might only close your other account(s) depending on if the history of your accounts tells them it might have been nothing more than you just not having read the Terms of Service and didn´t use the multiple accounts for more ToS violations, and leave you one account, I guess, I wouldn´t count on it, though.

Good luck and if you can keep an account, do read the Terms of Service which you agreed to when you registered your account and stick to them.


Please contact Support


You are saying that you are 100% sure but this can’t be done without knowing your password . I m telling you again that this is done by a person who knew your password . Just recall all the steps of funds withdraw and just imagine the security features involve in it:

1- He signed in to your fiver account . Without signing into your fiverr account he is not able to do it .

2- Then he click fiver revenue card option from your earnings .

3- Now he needs to sign into your attached email . Obviously it also needs id and password to sign in so he also knew this one and he did the steps and transfer it immediately to your payoneer account .

4- Now he signed into your payoneer account and obviously it also need your id and password to sign in . He knew this one too and signed in and transfer money somewhere else.

Now there are four step which involves three accounts sign in with different ID and Password . Without knowing all these ids and password NO one is able to do this . This is awesome clear !!

Second option:

Someone may send a keystroke logging into your system , you may clicked any link or software through email or through internet which had installed a undetected keystroke logging software in your system and he had store your all the key logs and used it . If you are sure about the first one then he may used this tool .

Now you can only wait and track where the money has been transferred from your payoneer account if it would have been done from logging then it may be transferred to the other country in this case you can’t do anything except totally formatting each and everything from your PC and clean install new window and change your password of every account . Remember to change password after reinstalling of new window otherwise log will also record your new password too.

Till then you can use on-screen keyboard to avoid key logging.

If it is transferred to your country then you can get your money back and trace that person from the transferred account.

Best of luck !!


These money transferred on a Russian account ,because this mail extension is look like this
I already told no one know my password. I think it might be happening for VPN extension.

First Hacker transfer my money from fiverr, but I think he didn’t open my mail for confirmation (I don’t know how he transfer without opening the mail ) ,because when I was check my mail this mail was Unread.

Then he transfer my all money from payonner.


It sounds like the VPN extension on your second account is the problem.
What is the user name of your second account?



Sorry for the trouble you can contact the immediate CUSTOM SUPPORT for that they will help you.


Any email can mark unread even after reading it and didn’t mean that the money is transferred to russian country you can trace IP of that email but it requires skill .

Well now you can’t do anything just to remove that key logger from your PC in order to avoid this next time.



Please Contact Support and You Know details.Thanks


I’m sorry this happened to you! Hopefully this issue will get resolved.