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Someone Stole my Design


Well I search my category on fiverr almost daily to see if I move up or down. Imagine my surprise today when I saw someone using gig graphics I created on another site… using them here on fiverr. I created a Fragglesrock account awhile back… but that site is kinda garbage and doesn’t work. But someone stole my graphics on that site, which is also very similar to what I use here on fiverr.

Should I message fiverr and let them know dude is stealing? I just don’t understand why another graphic designer would steal and claim its his work… I mean I guess he’s lazy? idk.

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If your gig graphics were not purchased by whoever is using them, then of course you should message Fiverr CS for copyright infringement. Fiver does ask that you try to resolve matters with the person involved before contacting them though, so maybe just message them and politely ask them to not use your graphic gigs. If they don’t answer, then you should definitely get in touch with CS to deal with this. Best of luck!


Yeah thanks, I mean its not like a graphic that you could buy somewhere… they literally clicked “save as” and saved the gig graphic and used it on their gig… lol


Reply to @cal5086: That sort of things happens, which is why it’s important to do a reverse image search every now and then on Google to make sure no one is using our images. I oftentimes copy/paste one of my Gig descriptions and find that some users are actually using my words to describe their Gig, which is why I keep rewriting mine. The other easy thing to do with images is to watermark them with your Fiverr name or something similar.


Yeah, I do that with everything on fiverr, but on that Fragglesrock site… I didn’t just because I was just kinda testing the waters with it. Those are good ideas though I think I will try that with the image search.


@cal5086 I always play devil’s advocate, so don’t be offended ( as he starts to get offended)… here goes… who gives a shit? Neither one of you are going to ever work for Madison Avenue. You’re always going to be two-bit graphic artists. Sure, it’s natural to get upset when someone blatantly steals your work. I would. We all do. But then get over it and move on. He’s a piece of shit for doing it. Take it as a compliment. You are going to waste more time and energy (like this posting) then you will actually making sales. Just do what you do, and the faker will always get caught. Ok, now you can get offended.


Well honestly I wouldn’t care… but I spent over a month redesigning all of my gig galleries and that is why my sales continue to grow. I put a ton of work into it… and not for some dude to just steal it. I looked more into this guys other samples he has put on on his page claiming to be his work on none of his samples are real work he has done… they are all stolen from amazon… It really makes me mad because its crap like this that gives fiverr a bad name… people peddling garbage designs around. I take pride in my work and delivering great designs.

… also I’m closer to Madison Avenue than you would think :slight_smile:


@cal5086 That’s cool. Well, go after him then, if you think it will help. We all need to be vigilant I guess.



I see you’re a writer… so you’re saying (for example) if someone was taking articles you wrote and selling them to other people and passing them off as their own, you wouldn’t do anything about it?


Yeah I messaged him and he never took it down so I reported him. He also had some “samples” of his work… which looked so much better then what he delivers, I looked into that and he stole those from another site as well… I since checked his gig and fiverr took it down :slight_smile: Score one for the good guys :smiley:


Reply to @cal5086: Awesome! One less dishonest seller to worry about.


Reply to @omniversal: What could I do? Or, I should say, what could I do that would be reasonable in proportion to the time that it wasted. When half of the 500 word blog articles here are written by going to Wikipedia and running the final product through copyscape, in an effort not to copy what is essentially an open-source Frankenstein result of thousands of people editing the same thing… No, in answer to your question. No, I would not bother reporting someone who had “copied” my work. We’re not Oxford scholars on this site. And most of our buyers are posting our work to places where it is going to be copied a thousands times over anyway.



Hm. Well personally I strive to stop people like that, rather than let them run free. I don’t tolerate them, and I even go after people who mess with others. Really it’s our responsibility to prevent that sort of thing, even if it’s just a simple report.



Haha, nice.


Reply to @omniversal: Ok, well we have different priorities. With 2 reviews shared across 5 gigs in 5 months, you would be better off concentrating on marketing yourself than on hanging out in the forum or looking for people who are copying your work. What there is of it. I’m not messing with you, just suggesting you come down a notch and get down to business.



I don’t know how long it takes you to type, but for me it only takes a minute to submit a quick report. Can you honestly tell me less than a minute of your time isn’t worth stopping someone like that?

And FYI I didn’t create the gigs when I first made the account. I got my first order 3 days after posting the gig, but unfortunately had to leave Fiverr last year and just came back last week, which I’ve actually had 3 orders since.


Reply to @omniversal: You’re well justified to do as you like. You make good points. If you stop them from doing it, good job. I am just saying, a minute is a generous estimate. You submit the report. Then CS will ask you for screenshots and the username, even though they can get it themselves. They will make you do all the legwork. Then it will go on the pile of “meh, we’ll deal with these when we get to them.” Then you will receive some stock reply, "Although Fiverr does its best to ensure…blah blah blah, Unfortunately, without a court order… blah… we can’t enforce copyright without non-disclosure agreement evidence of lack thereof… blah… we do our best with internal measures… blah blah. You starting to catch my drift? It’s a court battle. For what? Some talentless schmuck who may or may not be making $5 off your copied work? You have no way of knowing. So, again, my answer is, who cares?



Myself, and any artist who is passionate about their work cares a great deal. I have to say you are the first I have come across that doesn’t care at all. I guess it all depends on how you value your work, and if you have a passion for your creations or just go through it solely for the money.

And clearly if they’re selling it on Fiverr where you can see the sales, you do have a way of knowing. This is how Cal knew, in case you missed that part.

And for someone who doesn’t report things you sure do pretend to know how reporting goes. From Cal’s experience it doesn’t seem like it was that complicating, if you would just read his latest post.