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Someone stole my photo!

Oh. My. Goodness. I’m a little mad right now. I was scrolling through the gigs in my category and I saw my gig, but the thumbnail was a later picture so I clicked on it. And it wasn’t my account. So someone stole my photo. What is the proper course of action to take now? Is there any way to report gigs or anything like that?

EDIT: WTF! I just saw four different gigs from four different sellers with my image! Ugh! Now I have to go report all of them -_-

EDIT: Yay! Customer Service responded and took down all the gigs! Now I just have to look up new gigs in the category every once in a while… Anyway, they’re gone now, though one of the gigs did get a purchase before it was taken down…

Also, tell them that if they do not remove their image, you will report

them to CS, just as a friendly warning.

Personally though, if I were you, I’d just contact CS directly with no warning :stuck_out_tongue:

Found it and her Gig says “Hey, I’m currently not available for orders.” So contacting her is not possible at the moment. So best you should contact CS.

Oh, wait…maybe CS has already done it.

I’m really sorry this happened to you and I hope you can get it corrected. I’m kind of glad you ended up posting it in the forum though, since that made me curious to see the pic and I am interested in one of your gigs! As soon as I decide who needs it for a birthday present I’ll try to become a buyer!

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks for the support. I do hope CS does something about it or they take it down…

Reply to @ricksper: Sigh, found a few more sellers all using the same photo of me… Still got more people to take down…

Reply to @zeus777: I contacted all the sellers and reported the first one I found, but nobody’s responded yet…

That’s soo lame. Someone copied my gig too. Full copy paste, description also. Don’t understand why people don’t want to be unique and have their own style D: Copying successful gigs is a no-no. Some ideas you can take for sure, but not the whole thing.

I wouldn’t bother writing to the offending Gig copy cats, I would go directly to Customer Service with the URL of the copied Gigs and get them booted. Why give them an opportunity to take it down? Common sense tells me that even IF they were to remove your photo, with their lack of integrity, they will just go “shopping” for someone else’s photo on the site and use it. These cheaters need to be thrown off the platform, not given a “fair warning”.