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Someone stole my Roblox Account

They gig person said I had to give him my acc info. and ik right then and there it was a red flag but I did not get a hint. The gig was for him to work on my acc and I gave him the info and he wrote back no more acc your not getting it back. They want it back for a grubhub gift card and they are 22 and lets just say I am underage.


And yes I reported him to fiverr and Roblox

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Wow okay how rude! I am asking for help from anyone not mean people.

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I was not IRL trading it was his gig to work on your acc for money. If it is IRL trading that is roblox needs to take that up with Fiverr.

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You need to remove the name of the seller from your post as that is not allowed.

Okay Ill do it thank you for letting me know KINDLY

I removed his name sorry I am new to fiverr

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Fiverr will deal with this.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.


Okay thank you! I need more people to do so, so he gets banned.

No. Absolutley not. You can’t just give people seller names to report. You ought to be banned as well!

Because giving away seller names on the forums is against the forum rules, and maybe if you read the rules before posting in a blind rage we wouldn’t be here.

Also, you can change the password using “Forgot password” and lock him out of your account.

Yes, when you go to login, click “forgot password” and enter your username. It sends a message to your email to change your password. You would be lucky if he hasn’t emptied your account by now.

Bad experience. So sad

I did not put in a email when I logged in UGHHHH I AM SO STUPID I had like 360 robux on that acc an used over 9,000 and there is my mom debit card attached to it

Immediately tell your mom too, then. So that she can inform her bank to watch for suspicious transactions.


We all have to learn the hard way sometimes. To summarize what people have been saying here.

  1. Inform your parents of what happened and what that could mean for their bank account. Highly recommend they just cancel that one and have the bank issue a new card.
  2. Contact Roblox and see if you can get your account blocked and then reinstated to you. If this happens, definitely attach an email address to it
  3. Inform Fiverr as you have done and ensure you have attached screenshots of interactions with this person as well as contacts you’ve made with Roblox.

As a general rule of thumb, never ever ever give someone else account information on anything on the internet. This is the main takeaway from what happened here. Especially when an account has some kind of financial link, it’s best to err on the side of caution and never give anyone your info. On the bright side, this seller might get banned which means one less malicious person doing their thing.

Hope things work out for you!