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Someone stole my work!

Hello, I have a gig for drawing pencil portrait or drawing

I was searching for gigs in the illustration category and found a new gig, the drawings in the portfolio of this gig are all mine !

what should I do ?

Contact customer service, tell them someone duplicated your gig, give them your gig url and the copy gigs url. They’ll take care of it, but they can’t tell you about.

Reply to @accessgirl: what do you mean with"they can’t tell you about"

Reply to @hannaasfour: They can’t tell you what actions they take against the seller. They’ll just let you know it’s been brought to their attention.

You can message the person and tell them to take the image down because

it is a stolen image, and it belongs to YOU.

It has happened to me a few times, and usually they take it down right away.

I have heard cases about the fake sellers getting upset, ( even angry) and begging to

let them “keep/use” the image so they can get more sellers, but that’s rare.

Also, I checked the fake seller’s other gig and it seems like he has stolen a

business card image from another TR seller.

I’m tempted to message the seller to warn him.

I just freakin’ hate fake sellers… :frowning: