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Someone tell me that am I responsible for this!


If a negative review I received from the buyer because he wanted revision and cannot contact me for that. And I cannot contact him too. Then what should I do? This was my mistake that we cannot each other or Fiverr website bug mistake? I am so much sad because buyer only mentioned this thing in his review when he was leaving 1 star with cancel of order that " Can’t contact seller! I want a refund" I was also contacted to CS he fixed this issue they only fix the issue of contacting each other (means now I can contact to that buyer) but the negative feedback they don’t change and after I tell to my buyer he also agrees to change his feedback but we don’t have resolution button after when he cancelled the order. What should I do now? Why I responsible for that thing which is not my fault.
If someone can give tell me the correct way it will be a lot of for me. Please check the SS of the actual problem too.
Thank you.