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SomeOne threading me for negative rating

Some One is threading me i have delivered his order but he did not accept my delivery he got his delivery but he said you have to work more for me other wise i will give you negative rating so what i should do ?


Is your buyer asking for revisions? I see you offer unlimited revisions :roll_eyes:


Yes, It means he is asking for revisions and if you think it’s way too much work and it will take more time then you can simply ask your client that so you can fill extra in that gig.

No, the OP can’t. The OP is offering unlimited revisions so s/he has to honor his/her word. Under unlimited revisions, the buyer has the right to ask as much as s/he wants.


Not in all cases. Some buyers want free work and it’s not ok. Let’s say that I discussed with him adding 5 titles to the video and he hit the revision button to ask me to add new 20 titles, which were not mentioned before.
I don’t consider this as a revision but more of a additional work that needs to be done and paid for. Revision might be changing the font/size or color of the text.
Of course it’s still not a good choice to put ‘unlimited’ revisions in your offer as this might work as a magnet for some clients.
OP needs to give us some more information about this situation if he wants to hear other sellers point of view.


I have to agree that “unlimited revisions” is too ambiguous and leaves the door open for many problems. Any seller that uses that strategy to get clients is eventually going to run into trouble. For the OP, it is really up to the seller to decide if they can make the buyer happy by doing the extra things and then never offering unlimited revisions after this. If they feel that won’t work, they may have to cancel or deliver what they believe is accurate and the accept whatever review is given.

Technically it is against the ToS for a buyer to threaten a seller with a negative review, so the seller can and should tell Support about any actual threats. If it is a matter of a demand for revisions, though, Support may not see that as a threat.


Is he asking for revisions or more work? :thinking:

If it is a revision and you offer unlimited revisions then you must comply. :zipper_mouth_face:

However, if he wants work over and above what is included in your gig and is threatening you to give you a negative review :rage: then report him to CS. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Revisions should only be done on the work you previously agreed to complete. If they are asking for more things that weren’t previously stated before, i would report them for threatening you.

EX: A buyer ordered a 16 bar ghostwriting gig from me. If i offered unlimited revisions (which i don’t) i would revise any bar they wanted changed. But if they asked me to write a chorus to go along with the verse or an additional 16 bars for another song i wouldn’t do it.


@vickiespencer @j6nyc6

When it comes to designs and logos as the OP is offering, unlimited revisions mean giving “n+1” gigs for the price of just one.

Lets say a buyer orders a clown, seller delivers it and this buyer is fussy or even maybe a cheater. The buyer then starts saying:

  • Oh, I don’t like the nose, please change it. (revision 1)
  • Oh well, not bad but now I don’t like the hair’s color nor the star eyes. (revision 2)
  • I really don’t like what you are presenting, it’s not what I had on mind. The smile is too wide and the hat doesn’t look good. I rather want this clown with a flower on top. (revision 3)
  • I know it would look better if this clown was accompanied with a dog. (revision 4)
  • Oh, looks nicer but I don’t really think this dog is a match. (revision 5)
    (…) (revision n)

And there this buyer goes on and on and on and on…

Theoretically, this buyer is not asking for more work or different work as previously agreed - or not - with the seller at all, s/he is just requesting revisions on the ordered clown and each revision makes the original purchase something different and new. And may I say, the buyer will keep all of them even with the watermark on - if any.


And that is why unlimited revisions is not a good idea. :wink:


Exactly and that’s why I said that under unlimited revisions buyers can ask as much as they want. If the buyer knows how to play it, s/he will be safe.


I’m drawing the line once the dog is brought into the picture.

And for christ sake don’t offer unlimited revisions.


you are Return a money and remove a feedback

“My cherished seller, you’re right. We agreed upon a suitcase not a dog :smirk:, I just let myself go. Please accept my apologies but remember you offered me unlimited revisions. You see, I would like this case to look more fun. Can you make it happen? And, Oh those pants!!! There’s no way a clown can wear them!!! :flushed: Not to say the eyebrows look weird and the clown’s hair color you changed for me, is still not of my likes and if you take a closer look to the…”

And the buyer goes on again… There is no escape for the seller, either s/he cancels or works until “satisfaction guranteed” as stated in almost every gig offering UR. :roll_eyes:

Don’t tell me, tell the OP. He’s the one offering unlimited revisions :wink:

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i said design this and when i will deliver him he accepted and after some time give me new work he is putting extra burden on me

you are right this is not a revisions its extra work

then for your opinion i have learned alot from your comments

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If it’s an extra work and not a revision, then I suggest you discuss with your client about this and explain everything to him/her calmly. Sometimes a miscommunication can bring down a lot of trouble. So try your best to sort it out in a professional manner. kind regards!

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i have already done this and his behavior is very bad

Well in that case your review is at stake for sure. If you think that the work is actually out of the scope of order and you’re being threatened even after completing the actual work, then you can talk at the CS about it. But make sure that the work is not a revision. Because if it is, then you’ll be the one to blame as you’re providing unlimited revisions. hope it helped. cheers!