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SomeOne threading me for negative rating

if it will be a revision and buyer report against me then what will happened ?

One such step is to take such a step in fiber such as blind review, here should be a step taken in this case by trying to blackmail some buyer

I’m really trying to understand what you said, but sadly I don’t seem to be able :slightly_frowning_face:

Let’s see…

Was the order to which you are referring to been marked as complete? If so, your buyer can’t request anymore work from you unless s/he places a new order.

Now, if the order was not marked as complete, your buyer is requesting revisions you have granted on the gig.

I don’t know but I think the less you will get, will be a warning from Fiverr.

Please try to explain a little further what it is really happening so we all can understand and guide you :wink: