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Someone threatens to leave bad review and isn't even a buyer!

This is a first. Someone has been continually sending messages whining about her life and I finally nicely told her I couldn’t help her. I had sent an offer which was ignored but her messages continued.

So next she says she is going to leave me a bad review saying I don’t care about my clients or “future clients”. This must be a first on fiverr. No purchase but still a threat of a bad review.


Sounds like reporting to CS and running very quickly in the opposite direction would be a good idea?

No hearts left but it looks like you did the right thing…:purple_heart:

Very strange…


I thought I had seen everything.

She wanted a revenge spell, which I don’t do. Just an angry person.


Well you did the right thing :+1:

This buyer is definitely a newbie who doesn’t know when to leave a review, before or after Order delivery. :joy:

And it’s your Luck that he said this before placing Order. :nerd_face:

I also reported someone today. That buyer was trying to hire me outside Fiverr…

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Perhaps she was talking about those “Was this answer helpful” pop-ups we sometimes see. Not a future client anyone would want, either way. Threats already before an order even exists? Promising tactics to find a sensible seller who’ll work with you. Nice to put up the red flags before an order exists, though, always appreciated.

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I know people have been saying to diversify into other areas, but life advice gigs should probably be one of those gigs that nobody migrates to. I already hear enough whining without someone paying me 5$ to continue whining.

I don’t give advice on life but hear a lot of this sometimes due the gigs I have. I don’t appreciate it when someone ignores the offer I send but continues on telling me details of whats wrong in their life in numerous messages every day for over a week.




Maybe she was talking about leaving a bad review outside of Fiverr (oh, oops, I just used the bad words combo, my bad :smiley: )

At least she didn’t want her money back, too, like I’ve been asked by non-buyers so many times before :rofl:


Why are you waiting? Just report to fiverr support i hope they will take action fast :slight_smile:

So today that message from her has been erased from my messages.

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I know you don’t, but if you ever do, please include pricing by the gross. :grinning:

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You just have to charge more! I’d listen to someone whine all they want for the right price. I’ll even write back with agreeable comments. :smiley:

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As a mod, you do that for free now, no?


:thinking: Oh… I hadn’t thought of that… :face_with_head_bandage:


For $1,500, I will read your rant of up to 1,000 words about anything. For additional $1,000, I will pretend that I care. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now, that’s business!