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Someone tries to scam me

So basically I ordered a repost on Soundcloud (500k followers).

The guy then reposts with a 500 follower account and tries to complete the order.

Could someone help me?


Hi Greg. The usual steps would be


Hi I was scammed. I was over charged on a website design that the seller took two weeks to understand concept. Was to be delivered in 4 days. Two days she went MIA. I had to go and do the site myself. She sent me a message over the weekend knowing I was attending a family service and closed the order stating it was complete???

If a buyer doesn´t react to a delivery for 3 days (by either accepting/‘completing’ it or asking for a revision), the order ‘auto-completes’. Because some buyers just disappear and then the seller would never get paid for the work done.
A seller can´t complete/close an order, it´s done by the system.

All that is in the Terms or the articles on the Fiverr pages somewhere, it´s best to read those to know how things work and to avoid such situations.

If there was a real scam though, you probably can still ask Customer Support about your case.


Thank you for informing me :slight_smile:

I contacted customer support.