Someone Use Buyer Request Page For His Ads Clicking



“Hello, guyz. We’re jogging one internet site for long time.We are going through one error from ultimate two days. Hassle is coming in best one web page ****************** Problem is here : Top Header Ad isn’t working. While i click on on ad not anything work. Manner ad isn’t always establishing… Please Try this earlier than applying to repair this project. Thanks in Advance. Looking forward to hire character for long time. Please allow us to realize what’s problem with our top header ads. Thank you once more.”

This ads working COrrectly… but he request every day with this message

Mod Note: username & website link removed.


there must be option in buyers request for flag


Yes… it must… they are playing with our offers… :roll_eyes:


agree with you :+1: may be it will be soon roll out


I usually don’t see direct links on Buyer request, possibly there is a auto block for urls. For this case Buyer may be found the seller who Fixed the error :smiley: I agree there should be a flag option on BR :slight_smile: