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Someone use my email id to create account

someone use my email id to create this account. this account opened on January 2014.
i didnt get that how someone can use a mail id without verification.
the account was restricted and now im unable to close it. can anyone help me with that???
i need to open a account with my name and identity with my email address.

im not faking anything. i can open a new account with my another mail. but this is my regular email account and i want to open my account with this email id.

You need to speak to Customer Services - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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they are not helping… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Nothing we can do - sorry.

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What was it restricted for?

dont know the reason. just seeing this msg: Your account is currently restricted by our Trust & Safety team. For more information, please contact Customer Support

Did you try contacting Customer Support?

It’s kind of interesting that someone would go to the trouble to use your email to create an account here. It’s not like it gives them any special perks or anything. If anything, it seems like more trouble than just creating an account with their own email.

Also, just to clarify: you were inspired to create an account on here by the fact that you had an account previously unknown to you created falsely in your name? What a genesis story :no_mouth:

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As your email is used once to create a Fiverr account you can not use that email again on Fiverr :slight_smile:


The motivation of stealing someone’s email to create a fiverr acount is what is puzzling.

As you said, the fact that it prodded the op to then want her own fiverr account is also puzzling.


well… i dont understand the system in fiverr before and im not interested also. i have my account on elance and upword. someone advice my i should also create a fiverr account. when i tried, i faced this problem.
the account also created from my country and i think he didnt like me very much thats why he used my email id.
another think the person who created this account used his own email id, and later he changed that mail id after the suspension of this account. thats why i dont received any notification from fiverr. dont know the fiverr email changing policy.

How did you find this out? Is this profile picture you show his profile picture?

when i tried to create my account its showed i have already an account. then i reset the password and entered the account. thought all the information are faked. im a male and its a female id… :confounded::confounded::confounded:

this is his or her profile picture or fake one. dont know why fiverr dont need any other information like address or something else to operate a fiverr account.

Still seems like an unnecessarily convoluted way to punish someone else. Get their account banned on a platform that they don’t even already have an account on and might never make one on? What a terrible punishment!

The only way to work around this would be to make an account with a new email address, which most people totally have, so that it’s only a slight inconvenience. Yeah, I still don’t get it.

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Well he probably knew this OP would then want his own account after seeing this account on fiverr, and then would have the very problem he is having now, not to mention the humiliation of having a profile picture of a girl.

So it’s a very cruel punishment after all!

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Don’t worry!
Everything will be alright :slight_smile:
Fiverr team can be busy at the moment as they will be performing maintenance and the site will be unavailable tomorrow.
Keep in touch with Fiverr CS. They will respond within 24-48 hours…
Fiverr CS can definitely help you. Stay calm and don’t worry. It will be alright !!

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well its like i have a bike, some one stole my helmet and have to get another helmet to continue my journey.

i can open another account thats not a big deal. but my question is, how someone can use another person mail id to their account with out verification. and why fiverr accept unverified email account to be added???

Well the thing is, they can’t.

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i also think they cant… but there always some technical issue.

Hi! I think it’s better for you to send your complaints to CS, they’d help you out. Maybe it’s a technical error. I’m sorry for the inconveniences this is causing you.

It is amazing how many people seriously respond to this. It’s so obvious.