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Someone used very bad obscene language

Someone used very bad obscene language in our mother language with me. Can I report Fiverr support? but If I report Fiverr support. are they understand our language? I want to close his account from Fiverr.

I am really very upset. please suggests me.

What can I do?

Please hide name and picture of the poster in question.

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Contact CS. The word is in latin alphabet chatachters so they can easily do a search on Google Translate.

Why I hide name and picture?

Thanks For your suggestion.

It’s against Forum rules.

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oh, Thanks for informing me. I am also new here.

You can use the “Report” flag that is near every message of the offending poster.

A moderator removed the screenshot in your original post. You then reposted the screenshot and removed the mod note. Please know this is not ok.

Calling out buyers or sellers is not permitted. I suggest you read the forum rules!


But are they understand the different language?

Ok, I will read and follow Fiverr rules. Thanks

Can i edit the post Again?

Just report and block them, then move on. Yes it is unfortunate, but blocking them will handle it. In your attempt to get his account removed you are violating to the forum rules.