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Someone Using My Work And Ranking On Number One Page

Some One Is Using My Work And Ranking No 1 Page Without Any Review I Dont Know How It Is Possible But My Original Question Can I Report His Gig And Fiverr Will Remove It And Use His Tags And Description To Rank My Gig Is This Possible? Please Suggest Me Something


Yes, you can report it to Customer Service along with screenshots as proof.

So, he copied you and now you want to copy him? :woman_facepalming:t2: That would be risky. He could in turn report you to CS.


Please keep in mind that use the original work of other seller on the platform and publicly claim it yours, it’s illegal.

If this is happened, please contact the Customer Support for further assistance and avoid to make the same mistake the other party did.

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I already told him that.

Did you read the part where he wants to copy the person that copied him?


Yes, in fact I’ve wrote:

The same with me. I reported the guy that uses my work with fake feedback in his gig. Then I received a message after 10 days that their team will solve it. 2 months passed and nothing, that dude is still making money with tons of fake reviews and works of another artists in his gig

You can use the links in this article to choose the appropriate action to take to report them for use of your intellectual property.

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He Lost All His Gigs But I Am Feeling Bad For Him But I Think that was the right way

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Mine one lost all his gigs in just 5 to 6 hour

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How did you report him? I used a ticket, so one of the guys from customer support team replied me, that their team will check both of users (me and the guy who has stolen works). But 2 months passed and nothing

I just uesd a flag button on his gig and gave them my orginal video link and thats it


If you have full proof you can go for reporting to CS.