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Someone want to use my gig on his website


I hope you guys are doing great. Today I got a question for you, someone sent me a message on Fiverr’s inbox and he needs my permission to use my gig’s on his web.
He told me that if he will use my gig on his website, he will get work, and then he will order me on Fiverr.
What you think about what should I do in this situation. ? :thinking:

Let me know your suggestions.


It’s great jobs for you they are marketing your gig ,

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Why would he do that?

He must want something from you.


But i think my gig is property of fiverr, Is it possible fiverr put any copyright strike on his website.?

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He would probably charge his buyers more and then outsource the work to you. This thing goes on, but I’ve never heard of someone asking to use your whole gig before. I wouldn’t do that.


He just need my permission. i think he will use my gig and portfolio. Don’t you think the fiverr team will put copyrights strike on his web, Because i think my gig’s are property of fiverr.

that’s why i am a bit confused.

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No, he clearly wants to use this to try to get a commission from the seller or manipulate him in some way.

No other reason to put someone’s gig on your website…

It is possible that he wants to put helpful resources on his website, but you generally don’t do that for someone with whom you aren’t allowed to network with online because that defeats the whole purpose of supporting someone on your website. You can’t leverage it for SEO or social media because you can’t communicate with a seller that way.

So there’s no real reason to do this. I’d be suspicious.


You’re not understanding my point.

No one links to a person to help them get business unless they want to get something out of doing that and he can’t do that with a Fiverr seller without breaching ToS and manipulating you. It’s very suspicious unless he’s not a competent marketer.

And it has nothing to do with copyright. Posting a link somewhere doesn’t breach copyright.


Yes , you are right, He will outsource to me. btw i have a question. why you would not do that? is there any reason ?

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Because why would he get you referrals if he wasn’t getting anything out of it? It makes no sense. He must be hoping he can use this to manipulate you into doing free work for him or something.

No one takes up space on their website to get someone referrals if they don’t get any financial benefit out of it. It makes no sense at all.

Is he a Fiverr affiliate marketer and not disclosing that? Because that would also be unethical. You always disclose your affiliate relationship. Always.


I know people outsource to me sometimes. Sometimes they even mention their client. I know they are making more from my writing here than I am. Of course, there is nothing I can do to stop it. However, I do not want them taking my gig content – the actual words I use in my gigs here – and put them on their website or use them on some other marketing platform.

I do not know if it is technically “legal” according to Fiverr. However, if your gig matches someone else’s website, don’t you think there could be problems? Keep control of your own words. Let this stranger market themselves.


how can he manipulate me,?
btw let me send you his message "

Love your work, We are filmmakers, editor, and 3d animation creator. we are starting a new company and looking for people to work with us. since we don’t do logos ourselves, just build logo animations, we would like to include this service to our web page, Would you be interested in constant monthly work, since we would do additional advertisement for the logo. ?

I have a question, what If I would post your designed logos, through my webpage, to show clients what is the choosing from, and if like we give you order. ? "

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Yes , i am also feeling same

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He wants you to do free work in exchange for “advertising.” How did you not catch that? It’s a total breach of the ToS and would be a terrible investment on your part. It’s a scam.

No one posts a link on someone’s website and offers to bring them business unless they want something in return. If you don’t understand this, you’re going to get burned.

I’m utterly baffled that you didn’t catch on to this. He even said what the partnership involved and you still didn’t get it.


Thanks for your time and help. you are awesome


Ahh, the way you are showing his message now, he is asking you to work for them off Fiverr. That is NOT allowed per Fiverr’s TOS. You cannot go work for someone else off the Fiverr platform.


in his next message he told me that he will order me on fiverr.

anyway i am not going to allow him.

Well that makes no sense. He’s asking for free work in exchange for “advertising” and it isn’t possible to do an order for free on Fiverr. You know why? Because Fiverr wouldn’t enable you to breach their ToS.

That isn’t what’s going on. There is indeed a breach of ToS but a buyersimply putting a link on his own website isn’t the breach. A buyer choosing to put a gig link on his own website isn’t “work outside of Fiverr.” It is the proposed transaction in exchange for the link that is the breach.

The breach is that the buyer wants free work in exchange for “advertising.”